Project Description

We specialise in spares and parts for Cattabriga Machinery, and hold the most common items and some of the major components in stock.

Cattabriga are very reliable machines, but inevitably parts will wear out or eventually fail dependent on use, so we’re here to help you find spare parts, accessories and consumables.

Our team have years of experience and specialist knowledge of Cattabriga machines and we can help you identify OEM parts for machines such as:

  • Cattabriga PSK KEL 65 PRO
  • Cattabriga PSK KEL 125 PRO
  • Cattabriga PSK KEL 30
  • Cattabriga PSK KEL 65
  • Cattabriga PSK KEL 125
  • Cattabriga PSK KEL 125 S
  • Cattabriga EFFE 4B
  • Cattabriga EFFE 6B
  • Cattabriga Mantematic K20-S
  • Cattabriga Mantematic KEL 40
  • Cattabriga Mantematic K40/E
  • Cattabriga Mantematic KEL 60S
  • Cattabriga Mantematic KEL 80
  • Cattabriga Mantematic KEL 100
  • Cattabriga BRIO K 1 C
  • Cattabriga Multifreeze 8 PRO
  • Cattabriga Multifreeze 12 PRO
  • Cattabriga Multifreeze 18 PRO
  • Cattabriga Multifreeze 60
  • Cattabriga CREM-O-MATIC KEL 35
  • Cattabriga CREM-O-MATIC KEL 60
  • Cattabriga Luckypanna

We are constantly updating our database with the latest OEM spares and parts for Cattabriga Machinery and therefore are more than happy to assist with spares or parts enquiries to ensure you purchase the correct item along with any associated parts we would recommend from an ‘O’ ring to a pump motor and everything in between.

Please get in touch to talk about your specific requirements or ask us any questions about the parts and spares we stock for Cattabriga Machinery.